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Using JavaScript to Develop Interactive Fiction!

on June 25, 2014

Objective: To develop a short HTML and Java Script interactive fiction game with a storyline relating to the history of computers (or the present)! Program: Sublime Text 3, guided by Evan Burchard’s The Web Game Developer’s Cookbook Steps for Coding: The first and most important part of this project is to come up with a theme and a storyline. For my project, I wanted to make the game light and funny for the player. I chose to make the player choose the interactions between an apple (the apple symbol) and the Android! The code for the first slide, shown in the picture below, is written in HTML and sets the template for the next two slides. “Impress” is a java script file that provides the presentation style of the game.  js fiction 1Repeating this step for each slide, you get the game. Remember to rename the sounds and images that you download. After a little bit of tinkering, you will finally get your reward!

Try it out!

Smile and wave, Vrinda Vasavada 🙂

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