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Interactive Fiction and Whackamole: Twine and Java Script

on June 26, 2014

Objective: To build two interactive fiction games, one using Twine and one using Java Script. The game in Twine must describe your experiences with the lock activity (decoding a binary code to find the numbers to solve a combination lock) and the game in Java Script is called whackamole!

Programs: Twine, Sublime Text 3, Java Script

Steps for Coding:


Twine is a very easy program to use! Once you have downloaded the program, you can easily start building your own story. Using links, you can provide choices to your reader to follow. Twine is much easier to use than Java Script, but you may see that you have less creative freedom in the program.


Test your decision making skills! Here is the link to my story:

Java Script:

Although it is difficult for beginners, Java Script has lots of space for variation and creativity. Changing several lines of code can completely change the structure, color, or even the design of the game. I updated the game to have 8 holes instead of 4, a simple task which made the game more entertaining to play!


Warning–this game is very addictive! Here is the link to wackamole:

Smile and wave, Vrinda Vasavada 🙂

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