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A Special Thank You to Mr. Stone Librande!

on June 27, 2014

This post is a special thank you to Mr. Stone Librande, the guest speaker in our class today, for giving such an interesting and inspiring presentation! Having rarely gotten past MarioKart in terms of video games, I was scared that I would feel a little lost during this presentation entirely on designing video games. However, I was proven completely wrong as soon as the presentation began!

Mr. Librande began by talking about how no matter how many advances have been made in game design, the mindset of the people has always been the exact same. People look for the same things when playing a game and have similar behavior in response to a game. Next, he touched on what the job of a game designer requires. Much like an architect, a game designer provides the blueprint of the game for the computer programmers and a beautiful representation for the marketers and producers.

When it comes to the design plans for a game, pictures really are worth a thousand words! The most important part is coming up with the main ideas first and then focusing on the details.

For any aspiring designer, Mr. Librande suggested not to start with a get-rich-quick mindset. A game that is meaningful and exciting for you and your friends is the best way to start! Moments where everybody shares the same mental space and emotions are what any designer aims for; an interesting game will keep all members occupied!  Finally, Mr. Librande said to “fail fast and fail often” because finding the mistakes is the best way to improve!

I found Mr. Librande’s talk extremely interesting and eye-opening! I found that you do not have to play video games in order to be a video game designer! The job of being a game designer is very interesting as well, and I now understand how much thought goes behind each game that is designed. Thank you for your awesome presentation and for entertaining us with your wildly successful video games!

minion thank you

Smile and wave, Vrinda Vasavada 🙂

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