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Mousey’s Cheese Collection: Using Processing to Sort Items!

on June 30, 2014

Objective: To help our class mascot, Mousey, sort his cheesestick collection in the best possible way! Using Insertion Sort, illustrate the animation so that Mousey understands our algorithm as well.

Program: Processing, JavaScript

Steps for Coding:

The easier part of this problem is the sorting algorithm. Insertion sort is an algorithm that checks whether each number is bigger than the others in the list; if so, it inserts that number where it belongs and continues the process until they are all arranged.


After the sorted numbers show in the compiler, it is time to do the animation! We need the rectangles to redraw every time a sort occurs so we use this code in the void setup section.


Check it out at

Smile and wave, Vrinda Vasavada 🙂

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