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Innovations in Interactive Media!

on July 3, 2014

Idea #1: Nostalgia: A Virtual Scrapbook!

Background: Even with a rapidly advancing world with some of the biggest breakthroughs in medicine occurring, 1 in 3 seniors dies with Alzheimer’s or another type of dementia. Although the causes are varied, lack of social interaction and limited usage of brain after retirement! On the other hand, things like Nostalgia and good music can bring back memories that can prevent the deterioration of dementia in patients.

Proposal: Create a virtual scrapbook that is applicable for both patients of such diseases and just for the average person as well! Similar to Facebook, the user can input favorite activities, important pictures or dates, and their most exciting memories into this interactive application. However, this would not be publicly visible and could be created by family members of the person as well.



An example layout is shown in the screenshot above. The design must be extremely user friendly because it caters to a large range of ages!

Applications: My proposal would be a different approach towards Alzheimer’s. While scientists and researchers attempt to find the biological causes and cures, this application would help improve the condition of patients with dementia. It would also be a less cluttered and extremely meaningful version of Facebook for people who want to save their key memories consolidated in one place.

Idea #2: Designing a Virtual Classroom

Background: Education has been established as the best way to bridge the gender gap in computer science and technology. However, a major obstacle in this mission is teaching computer science. By making an application or website that makes computer science easier to both teach and learn, we can make a big step in bridging this gender gap and bringing about awareness!

Proposal: Create a website or platform that makes teaching the basics of computer science easier. Similar to screensharing and the Hour of Code, this platform would allow teachers to virtually share and demonstrate their logic behind their code and show instant results as well. It is very important that this application is interactive, much like some of the exhibits at the Exploratorium because they keep kids interested! For example, this was one of the exhibits that kept many of the kids very interested!



An example of the toolbar for the application is shown above.

Applications: Museums are supposed to be informational places; by bringing awareness to kids in museums about the basics of computer science, the process of spreading the word can be expedited!

Smile and wave, Vrinda Vasavada 🙂

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