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Avoid the Parking Confusion: A Simple Lesson in Design

on July 16, 2014

In the field of photography, there is a principle called KISS–Keep it simple, stupid! While tech companies such as Apple and Facebook work endlessly to follow this principle and produce sleek, easy to use designs, some aspects of our daily lives still rely on complicated, hard to understand designs!

One such example is the ever-confusing, problem-causing parking signs! As designer Nikki Sylianteng encountered in her daily endeavors, these convoluted parking signs merely caused drivers to get tickets. Setting out on a mission not to to “change the entire system” but merely to “help frustrated drivers,” Sylianteng began working on a picture-based, easy to understand prototype for parking signs. As seen in the picture below, her design is extremely more user-friendly, while still providing the required information.



A simple lesson in design, the KISS principle can be applied to make so many day-to-day experiences easier. Other things that may be more complicated than required? Driver’s Ed!

Check out the full article at

Smile and wave, Vrinda Vasavada 🙂

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